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7 Guest Blogger WordPress Plugins 2020 (Free and Paid)

Both amateurs and professional writers are constantly in search of a platform to showcase their talent. Do not miss this golden opportunity to showcase their talent if you have a WordPress blog!

You can make a space on your website for the guest bloggers to come up and write their articles.

In fact, you will not find an easier way to increase your website traffic. This is as good as a partnership.

Since every author comes up with a new idea, your audience will always have a unique content to read.

But with so much to handle like SEO, lead generation etc., managing the blogs of guest bloggers is going to be a catch.

How about assigning plugins the responsibility for managing the guest blogs?

Created by professionals, these plugins checks on plagiarism and spam security. You can create multiple types of forms, and notify the users about their post status. Also, you can provide subscription offers to the users, author box, media uploader etc.

Ready to explore more? Let’s see in detail how these plugins will upgrade your website.

1. Guest Blogging Elite

This plugin allows you to create user dashboard at the frontend. With this, a user can sign up, submit posts and manage their profiles and submissions.

Then, this plugin serves as an easy way of media uploader for your media files in a post.

The admin will get notified by email about all the activities on the blog. For example, post submission, editing any post from the user.

Guest Blogging Elite Guest Blogger WordPress Plugin


The plugin is ready to use for your website at the least possible rate of $26 with 6 months support. You need to pay only $7.88 to extend the support for 12 months.


  • When you have multiple contents from different users on your website, Copyscape plagiarism detector helps you maintain the uniqueness.
  • This plugin supports anonymous posting on your blog without logging in. Simply insert a shortcode in the new page and publish it.
  • The PayPal integration eases out the payment process.
  • Recaptcha integration will protect you from spam and bots.


2. Easy Author

If you want to acknowledge the guest bloggers of your website, then this plugin is a ten on ten recommendation. A recognition like this automatically promotes the guest blogger work. And this, in turn, will give more exposure for your website.

Easy Author Guest Blogger WordPress Plugin


Take away this plugin by spending only $9 for your website.


  • The use of author box will give systematic and concise information about the author. It will hold the image, name, and bio of the author.
  • With various social media buttons on the author box, the overall networking of your website will be enhanced.
  • It allows you to collect the author’s data through shortcodes or PHP.
  • The plugin is compatible with most famous browsers such as IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome etc.

3. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

AccessPress Anonymous Post pro is the bestselling guest post/frontend posting WordPress plugin on CodeCanyon.

If you are looking for the easiest, simplest, and most secure way to allow any of your visitors (guest/not logged in users) to submit WordPress post types on your website – this plugin is perfect for you. With this plugin, you can create unlimited submission forms, customize design and settings, and add custom fields as per your need. It has powerful media options with media library integration – your guest can submit images, video, doc, and any other files.

For monetization, the plugin comes with PayPal integration. This feature-rich and highly customizable frontend posting plugin work flawlessly with all well-coded WP themes.

AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro


The free version of the plugin can be downloaded from
You can purchase its premium version at $29.


  • Create unlimited submission form with a customized set of settings and restrictions
  • Custom File Uploader with image, audio, video and doc uploaders
  • PayPal payment integration for your form submission
  • Send email notification to admin after successful submission
  • Captcha for secure posting
  • Option to assign a post to specific category/taxonomy or let users choose category/taxonomy from frontend

4. WP User Frontend Pro

With simple frontend management, this plugin allows you to create unlimited forms for different purpose like post form, event registration form, WooCommerce product form, profiles etc.

You can make money via offering subscription packs to the users. This will also create an ordinary website into a membership site. All the forms provided by this plugin integrate well with the theme to enhance the layout of your website.

WP User Frontend Pro Guest Blogger WordPress Plugin


  • Free Plan – In this you’ll get an unlimited form, subscription and much more.
  • Personal – It cost you $49/year, in which you’ll get recurring payments, advanced fields, social login etc.
  • Professional – It cost you $89/year, with MailChimp integration, Stripe Payment, email templates etc.
  • Business – $159/year, and you’ll have QR Code Generator, private messaging, Zapier.

All of this with 14-day money back guarantee.


  • This plugin facilitates the premium users with content locking feature for their valuable data.
  • The plugin enables auto-registration of the guest users from their names and email address.
  • It allows dividing a lengthy form into smaller sections. The users can fill those pages one by one.
  • You can add unlimited fields in your form in addition to the 13 predefined field types.
  • Also, it provides various categories of post types to the user at the frontend like post, page, product, reply, forum etc.

5. User Submitted Posts

This plugin allows you to add a form at the front end with either template tag or shortcode. Visitors use these forms to submit their posts and images. It enables you to filter the submitted posts from the users. You can set the post submission form fields as required, optional or disabled.

Few examples of these fields are a name, email, title, tag, category etc.

Besides status like “pending” and “draft”, a user can know the exact “publish” time through email notifications. It could be either immediately or after certain approved posts.

User Submitted Posts Guest Blogger WordPress Plugin


You can have this essential plugin for your website without spending a penny. FREE!


  • In order to use the form, you can make the login part compulsory for the users.
  • Security features like challenge questions and Google reCAPTCHA can be used together.
  • This plugin provides shortcodes to control the user access and restrict their content.
  • You can provide customized messages of “success, error, and upload” on form submission.
  • The plugin enables you to set a min and max limit for images in each post. You can also define min and max dimensions for those images.


6. Peter’s Collaboration E-mails

This plugin will help the authors of your website to stay up-to-date with their post. The smart functionality of this plugin will make your website look even more high-tech.

It uses email notification for all the updates. The pattern of sending emails to the users varies according to their post status. For example – pending, draft, approved, scheduled status types. This sending emails to the author at every phase create a systematic workflow. And improves the overall quality of work done by the guest author.

Peter's Collaboration E-mails Guest Blogger WordPress Plugin


Make the most use of this plugin without paying any money as it is free.


  • After a post is submitted for review, this plugin gives the user a list of approvers via email.
  • When a post gets published, you can notify the author about it, and send a link to read it.
  • You can provide a link to the user to edit the post and then re-submit it.
  • The plugin allows you to store the approver user ID in the form of a custom field “approver_user_id”

7. TT Guest Post Submit

This plugin allows a guest or visitor to submit posts with the featured image, without even registering or logging into your website. In this way, it becomes a prime component for blog sites where numerous authors submit their posts in bulk. It lets you set a maximum resolution for the uploaded images to ensure its high quality.
Further, it allows an email notification to the admin and the users on successful post submission.

TT Guest Post Submit Guest Blogger WordPress Plugin


This must have plugin can be used with zero expenditure. The plugin can be downloaded through


  • Google reCaptcha integration helps to secure your website from spams. This is important as your website will hold data from mass users.
  • You can set the minimum characters required for a post by the user.
  • It allows you to redirect the user to any page(say current) after post submission.
  • The post submission form includes various fields like tags, category, author etc. You can enable the user to pick a title for each field.
  • You can select multiple categories for the posts and display them in the category form.


I am sure you too would become biased for these guest blogger WordPress plugins once you use them. The above list contains a set of both free and paid plugins. Do not think twice before using a suitable one for your website.

Bring on what suggestions and queries you have for us by commenting below


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