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Are you looking for the best chatbot software for your site? Chatbots allow you to free up time by automatically answering common customer questions. They can also be used to generate leads, improve user experience, and make more sales. In this article, we have handpicked the best AI chatbots software for your WordPress site to… Are you looking for the best social proof plugins for your WordPress website or WooCommerce store? Social proof helps you earn customer trust and make more sales by showcasing your interactions with previous customers. In this article, we will take a look at the best social proof WordPress plugins to help you make more sales and… With digital marketing, knowing what works and what doesn’t is crucial as you make decisions with the goal of generating revenue. However, it can be difficult to isolate “what works” when there are so many variables. That’s where A/B split testing comes in. An A/B test, or split test, is an experiment you… WordPress Administrator is a tough title to uphold, especially if you’re responsible for a multi-user WordPress website. For a better picture of what your fellow contributors are doing, consider using a tool to track user activity. Keeping a close eye on your users isn’t a bad thing. In fact, there are a handful of valid… Do you want to add a notification bar on your website? A floating bar or “hello bar” can be an effective and non-intrusive way to alert users about a sale or coupon. However, it could also get annoying if it’s not setup properly. For instance, a notification bar that takes half the screen on mobile is not a good user… Do you want to change the default sender name and email address for outgoing WordPress emails? By default, WordPress uses ‘WordPress’ as the sender name for all outgoing WordPress notification emails. This doesn’t look very professional, and you may want to change that to your business name. In this article, we will show… Recently, one of our readers asked us, “How do I restart my WordPress site?”. This isn’t something that most users will need to do, but knowing how to reset WordPress can be very helpful in some situations. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to restart or reset your WordPress site, the fast way. Why Restart a WordPress… Are you looking for the best lead generation plugins for WordPress? Using the right lead generation tools can help you get more customers and sales faster, so you can grow your business. In this article, we will share some of the best lead generation WordPress plugins to help you improve your marketing. What is Lead Generation… WordPress launched that WordPress 5.4 may attribute image lazy-loading by default. This attribute will permit the “loading” HTML attribute on all IMG components . WordPress  publishers will not need to make use of JavaScript or third social gathering plugins to load their photos. Lazy-loading The lazy-loading HTML attribute… WordPress out of the field can be utilized for a easy multi-author weblog, however let’s face it — the choices are restricted. For those who handle a a lot bigger staff, or if in case you have a number of totally different roles that your staff members play, then you definately want a plugin like Edit Circulate to make your…

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