How to Delete WordPress Admin Username Permanently

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This tutorial discusses the importance of WordPress security and the moment hazard surrounding the apply of using the ‘admin’ particular person account. We’ve written a tutorial describing how change the default admin username in WordPress. In the event you occur to’re conscious of the aforementioned dangers, I counsel you skip to the tutorial half. Others can proceed learning.

WordPress security isn’t any trivial issue. The reality is, given the large number of direct brute-force assaults on the hundreds and hundreds of web websites powered by WordPress, one could suppose that website house owners dedicate 30-50% of their consideration to the situation’s security. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. Actuality is, WordPress security finds itself correct on the bottom, (if the least bit present), in an web website’s to-do itemizing. It’s among the many most undermined parts in a novice webmaster’s itemizing of points. Typically, each of two points happen:

  1. The webmaster evaluates the situation to be unimportant and subsequently not a attainable purpose for hackers
  2. He merely forgets regarding the security facet

Whatever the state of affairs, you’ll be in an precise jam when your web site is hacked. We firmly think about that prevention is greatest than treatment – that’s why we’re using Managed WordPress Web internet hosting from WPEngine. It’s rock sturdy and comes with bullet-proof security. Our web site hasn’t been hacked however. Go ahead, we dare you! ? Inside the effort of carrying on our “forestall fairly than treatment” ritual, let’s communicate regarding the WordPress admin (or administrator) account and study to plug that security hole as quickly as and ceaselessly.

What Is The WordPress Administrator Account?

Larger commonly known as the admin account, it is the default account title that’s obtainable in every new WordPress arrange. Its particular person place is Administrator, which suggests it holds the easiest entry power in every WordPress web site. It is going to most likely inject malicious code, steal delicate data and inside the worst case – delete your web site absolutely. In a nutshell, using admin as a result of the username for an account with Administrative privileges (i.e.the Administrator Client Perform), is a giant security loophole.

Why? Glad you want to know. When a hacker wishes to attain entry to your WordPress web site, he should decipher 2 elements:

  1. WordPress Username
  2. Corresponding Password


When most WordPress web sites are working “admin” as their username, the hacker has 50% of his work decrease out for him. He could merely start the brute-force assault (which is nothing nonetheless making an attempt every attainable character combination as a result of the password) and sit once more and sip his espresso, whereas the (big) laptop computer grid crunches 1000s of characters per second and destabilizes your server.

Now do you want to fall beneath that class? I am guessing pretty positive that you just’re not. So let’s not at all, ever use admin as a username in any WordPress arrange eventually. Nevertheless what regarding the of us who already have their WordPress account with admin as a username?


Usernames won’t be changeable. That’s what everyone knows (up to now). So what may very well be accomplished? Correctly, for starters, it is best to make the most of an excellent sturdy password. An assortment of alphanumeric, mixed case and explicit symbols in your password with a dimension of spherical 35 characters, should take a while to decipher. Nonetheless, within the occasion you need to cope with the hack boy to the entire course (i.e. he ought to interpret every the username and password), then it’s best to alter the admin username absolutely.

Delete Or Change The Admin Username

Chance 1 is to create a very new admin account with a singular title and highly effective password, log once more into your WordPress arrange with the model new admin account after which delete your outdated account. You have to be prompted to reassign your total outdated posts to a distinct particular person (e.g. your new admin account). Chance 2 is to differ your current admin account using phpMyAdmin. Observe along with the tutorial beneath to see how.

Purchase Entry To phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a web-based GUI software program program which supplies you interactive entry to your server’s database. Some could title it a front-end editor in your database. Most shared web internet hosting suppliers give entry to phpMyAdmin and is in the marketplace in cPanel. Once you get entry, select your WordPress database. In our case it’s wpe-tut.


phpMyAdmin will itemizing all the tables in that database. The tables confirmed inside the following screenshot are the default ones in a WordPress arrange. We want to select wp_users as a result of it contains the value we want to edit.


Deciding on The Acceptable Username

Now it’s best to see a screenshot like this. Let’s look at it fastidiously.


  1. ID: That’s the bookkeeping variable. It is used to sequentially decide all the prospects which have registered in a WordPress arrange. Since admin is the first particular person to be registered, its ID is 1. On this tutorial, now we’ve got used no totally different prospects.
  2. user_login is the variable storing the exact username of the particular person.
  3. user_pass contains the corresponding password, encrypted in MD5.
  4. user_nicename is the entire title of the particular person
  5. user_email is the variable that retailers the e-mail deal with of that particular person
  6. display_name is how the username is displayed all through posts and pages. For example posts by some prospects are confirmed as “Editorial Workforce” as an alternative of “Joe Smith”
  7. The alternative fields present won’t be important for this tutorial.

We want to change the user_login topic. Optionally we could change user_nicename and display_name. To try this, we select the Edit chance.


phpMyAdmin will take us to the particular person fields for the admin entry beneath wp_users.


We now change the values to acceptable ones. I’ve modified mine to Sourav and its derivatives.


As quickly as achieved, click on on on Go to commit the modifications. It’s best to get a message like this:


Now when you look at the wp_users entry, the admin username won’t be present. You’ll uncover the value you’ve set user_login to, because the model new username. That’s completes the working a part of our tutorial. Let’s test it out. We login to WordPress using the model new username and the outdated password.


And booyah, it actually works!


WordPress clearly acknowledges the model new username. All earlier data have been left unhampered. Keep in mind, within the occasion you utilize a caching plugin, it is important to purge all of the cache, while you’ve acquired a great deal of posts submitted beneath the admin username. We’ll moreover check out our Client Profile found beneath Settings. That’s what we should at all times get:



Altering the default WordPress admin account to at least one factor else hardens the security of your WordPress web site. It is considered most likely the best security practices for all WordPress website house owners and/or builders. In the event you occur to’ve been using the admin username, it is extreme time you modified it.

This tutorial is 100% WordPress intensive. I’ve outlined the WordPress’ database’s desk attributes along with their respective capabilities. Merely adjust to the screenshots and likewise you’re good to go. In the event you occur to ever get caught, the comment sort is all yours.

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