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How to Install WordPress Offline using XAMPP

Every Self-hosted WordPress user wonders “If there was a way via which WordPress could be installed offline and all the themes could be tested and corrected as per the requirements offline?” Yes! of course there are hundreds of ways to do this, but most of them are time-consuming and aren’t user friendly and it takes the users nerve to set up WordPress offline.

There’s a post previously we gave you instructions to install WordPress offline using Wamp server, but after using Wamp, I felt it’s not as much user friendly as Xampp-Lite! So thought of helping you all out with the Xampp installation! Here’s a quick 5 minute (8 steps) procedure to Install WordPress Offline. In order to run WordPress offline, you need an Apache server and My SQL database(PhpMyAdmin) installed on your system.

How to Install WordPress for Offline usage using XAMPP

1) Download Xampp for Windows from the official website Apachefriends.org

Download XAMPP

2) Install Xampp with Apache and MySql services.

3) After the installation, run Xampp Control panel and start Apache and MySql services as indicated in the image below.

XAMPP Control Panel


4) We need to configure MySql Databases, Open your web browser and go to http:://localhost.

Select the language of your choice and then go to http://localhost/security/index.php & there change MySql database password.

In this tutorial, I have given the password as test. (Password is case-sensitive)XAMPP for WIndows

5) Now we have to create  MySql Database tables for your WordPress install.

To do this Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin, Login using root as username and test as password, or the password which you gave in the previous step.

Create a new database through the PHPMyAdmin interface. Give a name for your database and don’t change any other setting (refer the Image below).

Create Database

6) Now, download the latest version of WordPress from www.wordpress.org

After the download, go to the folder where you installed Xampp, there you will find a folder by name htdocs, open it and extract the latest version of WordPress there.

htdocs Folder

7) Open the WordPress folder (the one which you extracted in the above step), you will find a file by name wp-config-sample.php, open the file with notepad++ and edit the data as per the image.

wp-config file

Save the file and rename it as wp-config.php.

8)Now go to http://localhost/wordpress and install WordPress!!

Website Information

Now simply go to wp-admin and start playing with your offline WordPress blog. You can do various things with local WordPress blog, as you can try making changes locally before making anything live on the online server. Most of WordPress developers, have WordPress installed on their personal laptop/computer, for making quick changes.In next tutorial, we will learn how to transfer data from local WordPress to a live WordPress blog.

Meanwhile, if you find any trouble with installing WordPress using XAMPP software, do let me know via comments. If you find this article useful, then do share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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