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How to Manually Update WordPress Using FTP

WordPress can automatically update itself to a new minor release without any user input. For major updates, WordPress shows a notification that an update is available and a user can initiate the update by simply clicking a button. However, sometimes you may come across a situation when updating from WordPress admin area is not possible. In this article we, will show you how to manually update WordPress using an FTP client.

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Preparing Your Site for Update

First thing you should always do before any update is to backup WordPress. If you do not have access to WordPress admin area, then you can still backup WordPress manually.

After backup, you need to download a fresh copy of latest WordPress software from WordPress.org to your desktop and extract the zip archive. Inside the zip archive, you will find a folder named wordpress.

If you don’t already have a FTP client installed on your computer, then you need to download and install an FTP client. We recommend using Filezilla because it is free and works on both Windows and Mac.

Upload WordPress Files Using FTP

Connect to your website using your FTP client. See our guide on how to use FTP to upload files to WordPress.

Once you have connected to your website using FTP client, go to your website’s root directory. Now upload all the files inside wordpress folder from your desktop to your website’s root directory.

Uploading WordPress files from your PC to your Server

Your FTP client will start uploading files from your PC to your web hosting server. During the update process, your FTP client will ask you that filename already exists in the target directory, please choose an action. Select Overwrite and then check the box always use this action.

Overwrite existing files during FTP upload

Updating WordPress Database

A new WordPress release may come with changes into WordPress database. This would require a database update. Once you have uploaded all the files to your website, simply go to your WordPress admin area. WordPress will now show you a database update required notification.

Database update required notification

Simply click on Update WordPress Database button to proceed. WordPress will show you a success message after updating your database.

That’s all. You have successfully updated WordPress manually to the latest version.

Remember, you should always keep WordPress updated to the latest version. We hope this guide helped you manually update WordPress on your site.

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