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How To Upload and Install WordPress Theme – (Saviour’s Guide With Pictures)

Want to learn how to upload a WordPress theme?

We are extending our WordPress guide, and here we are going to give you a complete guide to installing WordPress theme. Like WordPress plugin installation, WordPress themes can be installed from Dashboard or FTP software. We will give you the guide to both the methods & before we move ahead, I would like you to read the following guide, which will help you to get started with WordPress.

  • Part 1: WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org: Everything you need to know
  • Part 2: How to buy hosting for WordPress blog
  • Part 3: How to create a WordPress blog
  • Part 4: Essential settings after installing WordPress
  • Part 5: How to install WordPress plugin
  • Part 6: << You are here>>

Before we move ahead with this guide, here are some of the resources from where you can download WordPress themes. Though there are many Free WordPress themes available, I always vouch for premium one if you are looking to establish a professional blog on WordPress:

  • WordPress official Theme directory ( Free Themes)
  • Genesis WordPress Theme (SEO optimized Theme)
  • Astra WordPress theme (Fast theme)
  • GeneratePress theme (Popular in 2019)

There are many other resources, and you can check them at the collection of best WordPress Premium theme club.

Though you might like to Install WordPress locally and test your WP Theme before making new theme live on your site.

For starters, when we install WordPress, by default we get stock WordPress theme which is Twenty nineteen at the moment. You can always search themes from WordPress free themes directory using WP dashboard, or you can download any .zip file for the theme and upload it directly using any of the below given two methods.

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Guide to Install WordPress theme from Dashboard

By now, I assume you have downloaded WordPress theme from the official repo. Usually, most of the premium theme clubs offer Themes in .Zip format, which you can use to install WP theme directly from the dashboard. So let’s assume, you have downloaded the theme file in.Zip format and you want to install it on your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Download WordPress Theme

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to Appearance> Themes > Add new

Here is a screenshot for the procedure:

Install New WordPress theme

Click on Upload theme. & then Browse/Upload the downloaded WordPress theme file in.Zip format.

Upload WordPress Theme

Once you click on Install now, your theme will be uploaded and will be installed on your server. On the next screen, you will see an option to activate the theme like this:

Install WordPress Theme

Before you activate the theme, you can preview your site with a new design by clicking on Preview.At times, preview might not give the exact preview and will show some error, it usually happens. So, if it’s not your live site, you can activate and see the theme live on your site.

How to upload theme to WordPress using FTP:

This is one method that I prefer when installing multiple themes or editing themes. FTP method is useful when your server security doesn’t allow you to install theme and plugins from the dashboard. When installing themes from the dashboard is throwing some error. Moreover, FTP method can be considered as manual WordPress theme installation.

To get started with FTP method to install the theme, you need to have an FTP software like FileZilla or your cPanel should offer FTP access from the web panel. Apart from FTP, you need to have software like WinRAR to unpack the .zip file.

In the FTP method, we remove the theme and upload it directly to your themes folder. WordPress themes folder is located under the WP-content folder of your WordPress directory.

Unpacking the theme

As I mentioned above, most of the theme club pack the theme in the .zip format as WordPress supports .zip compression at this time. So, you need to unzip the theme folder. If you don’t have any such software installed, download the free version of WinRAR from the official site and install it. Once installed, right-click on .zip folder of the theme and select unzip, see screenshot:


Now login to your FTP manager and locate to wp-content/Themes folder or your WordPress installation and upload the unzipped folder directly. So in case, I will directly upload Unzipped folder to my server.


That’s it, and now your theme is uploaded on your server. Now it’s time to preview and activate the theme.

How to activate WordPress theme

Once you have installed the theme using dashboard or FTP method, you can always browse all installed themes from your WP dashboard. Go to Appearance> Themes, and you will see a list of all installed themes on your blog. You can Preview or activate the theme directly from here.

Activate new WordPress theme

How to delete/uninstall WordPress themes:

So by now, we have learned how we can install WordPress theme. Now, it’s time to remove unused WordPress themes. Similar to WordPress theme installation, there are two ways by which you can remove the WordPress theme.

As shown in the above picture, you can browse to Appearance> Themes and click on delete to remove any theme. I suggest, never delete your live theme directly. Switch to another theme first and then deletes existing themes.

Install WordPress theme

You can also login to your FTP Manager and locate to wp-content/Themes and delete the theme which you would like to delete. Personally, I find Dashboard method is the best way to get rid of unused themes.

Note: If you are switching from any existing WordPress theme whose SEO features you are using, don’t forget to export and import it to your new theme.

Anyways, I hope this Install WordPress theme guide will help you to move one more step to WordPress. If you have any particular query related to WordPress, don’t forget to let us know.

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