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WordPress Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts let you keep your hands on your keyboard instead of moving them away from the keyboard to mouse, click/drag/ drop, etc. This will save a lot of time of blog authors, editors who spend much time with WordPress Gutenberg editor to write and update or edit the blogs.

The Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts give you the ability to select the text, add formatting, undo-redo, insert a block, duplicate a block or even moderate your comments section.

Gutenberg team has introduced some 65+ handy keyboard shortcuts to the new editor. Learning these keyboard shortcuts will enable you to add content and build pages much faster and increase your blog writing and editing efficiency.

What is Gutenberg block editor in WordPress?

Gutenberg is a new block editor for WordPress which enables WordPress to build content layouts rather than just writing text articles. It came in December 2018 with the release of WordPress 5.0. It is packaged with some productive workarounds that help you stay concentrated while writing. And, the new editor includes lots of shortcuts that can be very handy while writing or editing the blog.

Gutenberg content block helps to give the user great ease to focus on the content building and design, rather than on coding and backend stuff. Here are the types of content blocks the Gutenberg offers:

Using WordPress Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts for blog writing and editing efficiency. 

After reading this post, you’ll know different WordPress Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts to help you create content more efficiently.

Gutenberg is still in beta but still, I have collected a few Gutenberg-specific shortcuts to get you ready for WordPress 5.0.

Here are some simple ways that you can speed up content creation in the new Gutenberg editor.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcut for Windows and Mac users

Now let us take a close look at all the Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts available. I’ll list them out for both MAC and Windows users.

Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts for MAC and Windows users

Gutenberg Global Shortcuts

Gutenberg Block Shortcuts

How to Create Your Own WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts in WordPress (Gutenberg) 

You can also create your own workflow-specific keyboard shortcuts using a program like AutoHotkey. AutoHotkey makes it easy to set up scripts and macros to boost your productivity.

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