Using Markdown With WordPress: A Beginner’s Guide

By WP Saviour •  Updated: 03/06/21 •  7 min read had launched that they’ve been introducing Markdown into their core choices and allowing their prospects to utilize it when writing their weblog posts, pages and suggestions.

When new choices are added into the ecosystem it is a fairly good wager that sooner than prolonged they’ll be added to the software program program. Followers of Markdown have been prepared for this addition a really very long time. Nonetheless, there are little doubt an enormous portion of the purchasers who do not know what Markdown is and why they may ever use it.

Whereas Markdown is new to it has been accessible to utilize in for some time with utilizing a simple plugin. Actually one among these plugins, which we’ll talk about slightly bit later.That has been downloaded practically 25,000 cases and has principally been given a 5 star overview by its prospects.

This tells us that it’s normal and successfully constructed, nonetheless whereas there are prospects who love Markdown and the plugin we will be discussing, there’s nonetheless an enormous proportion of the individual base that additionally don’t know one thing about it.

So let’s talk about it now.

What’s Markdown?


Markdown is a plain textual content material formatting system created in 2004 by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz. It was developed to allow people to compose richly formatted textual content material for the web. At its most basic, Markdown is a text-to-HTML conversion instrument for internet writers. When it is used it converts textual content material to structurally reputable XHTML and HTML.

It is a system that could be quickly realized because of its simplicity and cuts down on any potential errors that happen when making an attempt to format textual content material with HTML code.

The primary design goal of markdown is to make textual content material as readable as potential. The idea behind its creation was that paperwork written using the markdown syntax should be publishable as plain textual content material paperwork with out wanting like they’d been marked up with tags, or any form of HTML formatting.

Why Must I Use Markdown?

Markdown is a very helpful gizmo because of this may be quite simple to utilize and actually quick to be taught. It makes use of specific characters and punctuation to level style and hyperlinks. The characters that are used current how the doc will most likely be formatted along with help style plain textual content material paperwork for them to be merely thought of. When the doc is printed to the web these characters are reworked to the acceptable style and format.

Writing in Markdown is very clear. As you utilize it the formatting interprets to completed HTML sorts. You don’t have to stress about missing any closing tags or nesting tags incorrectly. There’s no styling required inline which suggests you obtained’t break any of the formatting as quickly because it’s printed to the web.

Moreover it’s a versatile and moveable syntax to utilize. It means you could output paperwork to numerous codecs. Whereas we’re significantly discussing using it with WordPress, moreover it’s easy to create that content material materials offline in a textual content material doc and paste it straight into your enhancing window. This flexibility moreover means you could convert it to a styled PDF or totally different codecs with out having to make any modifications.

Using Markdown With WordPress


Whereas Markdown hasn’t been launched into the core WordPress software program program however. This may be quite simple in order so as to add with a single plugin.

There are a variety of plugins you may set as much as make use of Markdown in your weblog. Nonetheless on this submit I’ll be talking about one known as WP-Markdown. After getting put in and activated the plugin. You are then given numerous new selections contained in the settings menu of the WordPress dashboard.


Beneath the Settings > Writing menu you can change the alternatives to permit Markdown on posts, pages and suggestions. This menu means you could enable the help bar for the submit editor and suggestions along with enabling a syntax highlighter risk that may aid you get used to using Markdown.


As you utilize Markdown in your posts, your submit editor window is break up into two separate sections. The precept window is used for writing your submit and underneath this window you is perhaps provided with the submit, completely styled. This window updates in precise time that will allow you to quickly affirm that your styling syntax is suitable.

Ending up the important styling with Markdown is simple. To make convert textual content material into an H1 header tag it’s advisable precede the textual content material with a single hash. H2 headers are preceded with double hashes and each diploma of header is then marked with an additional hash mark.

Markdown makes use of asterisks as indicators of emphasis. In an effort to select of textual content material daring, it should wrapped with two asterisks. Emphasizing textual content material with italics is as simple as wrapping the textual content material in single asterisks.


Lists are added using quite a few methods. For unordered lists you can precede guidelines devices with a single asterisk, a single plus or a single hyphen. For ordered lists you then simple use the amount adopted by a interval as you’d in any common textual content material doc.

Creating hyperlinks requires slightly bit further thought. It will create truly quickly as quickly as you is perhaps used to the precise syntax. In an effort so as to add a hyperlink it’s advisable add the hyperlink textual content material in between two sq. brackets. The hyperlink itself ought to look at this hyperlink textual content material in parentheses.

When referring to internal pages and posts. You merely wish to make use of relative paths for the hyperlink fairly than the whole URL.

Together with images to your submit works in a similar answer to together with a hyperlink. The alt textual content material utilized in your images is added contained in the sq. brackets.  The state of affairs of the image file is added contained in the parentheses.

You can also present code block snippets by earlier every line of textual content material contained in the code block with four areas. Each additional indent contained in the code is styled with an additional four areas To make it easier to study.

Markdown makes use of email-style > characters to create block quotes. These work biggest when each line contained in the block quote is troublesome wrapped and preceded by the > character.

Markdown might be not for everyone. Nonetheless for people who want a quick and clear methodology of constructing posts with out having to stress about HTML or slowing down by eradicating your fingers for the keyboard. It could possibly be a method of writing that matches you.

It isn’t as expansive as using HTML to create your style choices that cowl a overwhelming majority of them and positively these style choices that you will use 90% of the time.

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