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Why Your Blog Needs A Premium WordPress Theme ?

So last time we talked about Free WordPress Theme VS premium WordPress theme and we have come under the conclusion that Free WordPress theme are good when you don’t have any money to spend else premium WordPress theme is a must for any blog.

I share some of the points for those who are still thinking about free and paid WordPress theme. Our commentator will add more value to this discussion.

Benefits of Premium Themes

Theme Support

This is the first thing that I used to look at any theme. When I started with WordPress, I was very much scared of coding and making changes. Theme support was something which I always missed, and I had to look for other opinion and answers. Though good thing is I had to Google and learn most of the thing, but in that process, I made a few blunders and I don’t want you to make the same. Every theme is uniquely designed and codes for them are the same and different depending on the theme. With premium themes, you get all the support and since its forum, you will see more reply for a single query. Bonus: Most of the questions were already been addressed by someone, so simply use the search function of forum and you have the answer.

Elegant look and design

I know there are various free WordPress theme with elegant look and design, but premium WordPress theme has more flavor to it. Most of the premium theme gives you the option to select the skin and colors and you can select the design you need.

Theme option Panel

Theme option panel is must now these days as you can make major changes without playing codes. I’m not someone who is comfortable with coding, and I prefer drag & drop kind of stuff. If you are also a non-tech user like me, I would suggest picking a theme, which doesn’t require further coding.

Compatible With Latest WordPress Version

WordPress is popular with unscheduled updates which we have seen in the recent past. The major problem with this unscheduled update is broken theme and plugins. This is one reason I wait for at least 2-3 weeks before making any update until unless it’s not a critical update. Premium themes have no choice other than updating their theme to match with latest WordPress version. This is something must you should look before selecting and WordPress theme. Either be a premium or free theme.

SEO advantage

When we talk about blogging, its the content which is king and SEO is queen. A theme framework and structure plays a major role in terms of SEO. The premium theme which I use here at WPSaviour is Genesis theme, and I can boast about its SEO advantage. Other Premium themes which I have heard are good with SEO is Elegent themes.

Unencrypted Footer

That is something which you should consider before getting any WordPress theme. Since most of the free WordPress theme has encrypted footer and lots of good and bad links are associated with it. But in the premium WordPress theme, it’s different, codes are clean, and you can’t expect anything hidden in it. This will give you enough trust while using the theme. Encrypted WordPress theme footer mostly contain paid links, which is a big no in terms of SEO, and you should avoid it at any cost. If you are using any free theme, and its footer is encrypted, you should consider removing that theme and switch to some simple theme with clean code.

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