WordPress 5.4 Will Add Lazy-Loading to All Images

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WordPress launched that WordPress 5.4 may attribute image lazy-loading by default. This attribute will permit the “loading” HTML attribute on all IMG components . WordPress  publishers will not need to make use of JavaScript or third social gathering plugins to load their photos.


The lazy-loading HTML attribute tells a browser to each wait sooner than downloading an image or to acquire it immediately. There is no such thing as a such factor as a JavaScript need to carry out this.

There are three types of lazy-loading attributes nevertheless solely two that really matter:


Lazy, which will be enabled by default in WordPress 5.4, means prepared for prospects to view the browser inside a certain distance sooner than downloading the image. This conduct will tempo up a prospects experience on WordPress web sites.

The “eager” attribute tells the browser to instantly get hold of the image.
WordPress 5.4 Launch Date

WordPress 5.4 presently set to launch on March 31, 2020. That date is matter to differ counting on how ready the discharge is. Nonetheless WordPress has been excellent about meeting their deadlines.

In accordance with the WordPress announcement:

“The implementation seeks to permit lazy-loading photos by default, providing the loading attribute with value lazy on the subsequent img tags:

publish content material materials photos publish excerpts photos suggestions photos textual content material widget content material materials photos Explicit individual photos rendered by the use of wp_get_attachment_image()

Avatar photos rendered by the use of get_avatar()

Phrase that loading=”lazy” will solely be added if the respective tag does not however embrace a loading attribute. it’s strongly beneficial to specify loading=”eager” to cease an image from being lazy-loaded.

In accordance with the WordPress suggestions, the lazy-loading attributes is likely to be carried out in a approach that makes it easy to remove them. That’s important in case future browsers begin lazy-loading all photos by default, with out the need for a loading attribute.

Google has indicated by the use of Internet.dev that there are plans to robotically permit lazy-loading to all photos when a browser inside the Lite mode (beforehand usually referred to as Data Saver mode).

Test Drive WordPress Lazy-Loading

The WordPress group has formally launched a WordPress lazy-loading plugin designed for testing capabilities. Publishers who want to check out it and supplies solutions are welcome to acquire the plugin and supplies it a try.

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